A Unique, "Web-enabled" Workbook for Reading
and Writing Improvement for grades 6 - 9 . . .

The African-American Experience:
Stories of Courage and Determination

This 56-page workbook presents concise biographies of ten outstanding African-Americans. Students learn about the accomplishments and contributions of these notable individuals, as well as the obstacles they faced, and their courage in overcoming these challenges, while building reading, writing and reasoning skills through the exercises in each lesson.

Expertly written by Dr. Arthur Whimbey, Dr. Myra Linden, and Dr. Eugene Williams, the ten biographies include Martin Luther King, Jr., Michael Jordan, Benjamin Banneker, George Washington Carver, Marian Anderson, Shirley Chisholm, Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong, Bessie Coleman, Mae Jemison, and Guion S. Bluford, Jr.

The workbook joins the New Intelligence software reading series
The African-American Experience for use at the same grade levels, giving a school similar content and exercises in both software-based and print-based instructional materials; the availability of similar content in both software and print-based formats allows a school flexibility in providing reading-improvement text reconstruction exercises to students with or without access to computers. 

The material is in the "Split TRAC" format and is designed for grades 6 through 9.  Relative difficulty levels range from "less difficult" to "moderate" to "more difficult".  A guide to  the stories includes the difficulty level for each, and the number of paragraphs in each story.  The stories are grouped by difficulty level -- less difficult, moderate, and more difficult.  Within each of these categories, the stories are also ordered by increasing difficulty level.

The workbook capitalizes on the power of the text reconstruction methods developed by Dr. Arthur Whimbey to make the student an active learner.

Dr. Whimbey comments, "In the critical area of reading comprehension, reading specialists know that students construct meaning as they read, if they read carefully and thoughtfully - an essential process in developing reading skills and improving comprehension."

Historical Illustrations help to
focus students' attention.

A Workbook with Internet Resources!  Following each lesson in the workbook are suggestions for things for your students to do. A computer symbol in each list of things to do indicates suggestions for Internet resources with more information about the individual in the lesson, or related information, that will be of interest to your students.  If you or your class have Internet access, you will find these resources of great value in supplementing each lesson.  Further, Internet links on these sites often point to still other resources, offering a wealth of information for interested students to explore. 

New Intelligence Inc. also maintains an up-to-date Internet resource page on the New Intelligence web site at www.newintel.com specifically for users of this workbook.  To access this resource page, go to the New Intelligence web site and then select the "resources" link, or you can go directly to the resource page at


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