New Worksheet Set for grades 6 through 9 . . .

The African-American Experience:
Stories of Courage and Determination

This new worksheet set contains the same reading and writing exercises that are in The African-American Experience: Stories of Courage and Determination workbook, in the Split-TRACTM Text Reconstruction format developed by Dr. Arthur Whimbey, the lead author for the series.  The content and illustrations are the same as in the workbook, except that the worksheet illustrations are in black-and-white for good quality reproduction on standard office copiers.

Designed for use at grade levels 6 through 9, these worksheets are also useful for students in grades 10 through 12 who need extra emphasis on improving reading, writing, and reasoning skills.

Purchase of the worksheet set includes a license to make unlimited copies of the worksheets for use with students enrolled in and attending a designated school.

Outstanding African-Americans presents concise biographies of ten notable African-Americans.  Students learn about the accomplishments and contributions of these remarkable individuals. 

Expertly written by Dr. Arthur Whimbey, Dr. Myra Linden, and Dr. Eugene Williams, the ten biographies include  Martin Luther King, Jr., Michael Jordan, Benjamin Banneker, George Washington Carver, Marian Anderson, Shirley Chisholm, Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong, Bessie Coleman, Mae Jemison, and Guion S. Bluford, Jr.

Relative difficulty levels range from "less difficult" to "moderate" to "more difficult".  The biographies are grouped by difficulty level -- less difficult, moderate, and more difficult.  Within each of these categories, the biographies are also ordered by increasing difficulty level.
The worksheet set joins the New Intelligence software reading series The African-American

Experience: Stories of Courage and Determination for use at the same grade levels, giving a school similar content and exercises in both software-based and print-based instructional materials; the availability of similar content in both software and print-based formats allows a school flexibility in providing reading-improvement text reconstruction exercises to students with or without access to computers. 

The worksheets are "web-enabled" just as the workbook, with the same references to web sites providing extra information for interested students.

The worksheet set contains 59 pages of exercises.

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