Software to Improve Reading
and Writing Skills

Outstanding Hispanic-Americans:
Building Reading, Writing,
and Reasoning Skills

for grades 6 - 9

Outstanding Hispanic-Americans presents concise biographies of ten notable Hispanic-Americans who made a difference. Students build reading, writing, and reasoning skills through the exercises in each lesson, while learning  about the accomplishments and contributions of these notable individuals, as well as the obstacles they faced, and their courage and determination in overcoming these challenges.

The initial program release presents expertly written, concise biographies of ten outstanding Hispanic-Americans by Dr. Arthur Whimbey and Dr. Myra Linden. The biographies are presented in a form that has proven extremely powerful for strengthening writing, reading, and reasoning skills. The approach used is called text reconstruction.

Included are biographies of astronaut Ellen Ochoa; farm workers rights advocate Cesar Chavez, noted educator Jaime Escalante, former US Surgeon General Antonia Novello, former US Secretary of Energy Federico Pena, noted writer Sandra Cisneros, singer and talented song writer Gloria Estefan, noted actor Jimmy Smits, baseball player Roberto Alomar, and Spanish language television personality Cristina Saraleugi.

The material is in the "Split TRAC" format and is designed for grades 6 through 9. Relative difficulty levels range from "less difficult" to "moderate" to "more difficult". A guide to the stories includes the difficulty level for each, and the number of paragraphs in each story. The stories are grouped by difficulty level -- less difficult, moderate, and more difficult. Within each of these categories, the stories are also ordered by increasing difficulty level.

Includes the TRAC Structures for LearningTM software system from New Intelligence Inc., a unique Interactive Textbook developed for Windows-compatible computers running Windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME, NT,  2000, XP, or Vista.

Computer System Requirements: 

    Windows-based PC running Windows
          95, 98, ME, NT, 2000,  XP, or Vista

    Memory:  240 k minimum;
          512 k recommended

    VGA or SVGA color monitor

    CD-ROM drive

    Mouse or pointing device

    Requires approx. 6 mb hard drive space

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