he new LAN version of TRAC Structures for Learning lets you manage all New Intelligence instructional software on a Local Area Network, a Wide Area Network, or a Wireless Network.
Install the LAN version of TRAC SL on a server in a computer lab, building site, or multiple building sites and deliver all of the New Intelligence TRAC instructional content you have licensed over the network to your students, including Aesop's Fables: The Modern AesopThe African-American Experience: Stories of Courage and Determination; Outstanding African-Americans: Building Reading, Writing, and Reasoning Skills; Outstanding Hispanic-Americans: Building Reading, Writing and Reasoning Skills; and Interactive History of the United States: The Story of Our Nation.

A computer lab, building site, or school district license to the LAN version allows the school user to install any of the TRAC Structures for Learning instructional content that the school has licensed on the LAN and to deliver it to students using the LAN system. 

The LAN version of TRAC maintains all student registration files and all student score information on the LAN server.  A teacher or computer lab supervisor can access the student management and reporting system from any student station on the LAN.  In addition, all parameters for operation of the TRAC Structures for Learning system can be accessed from any student station on the LAN.  (Password protection is provided to restrict access to those authorized.)

Over two years in development, the LAN system for TRAC has been carefully designed for ease of use in day-to-day operation.  The LAN supervisor functions include a com

prehensive management system for the LAN TRAC system configuration and operation, using simple, intuitive,  point-and-click selection of options accessed from the management screen.  All TRAC options can be set from the supervisor screen, accessible from a teacher station or any student station.  Point-and-click network configuration options also provide for managing and optimizing network configuration and distribution of lesson content based on the student station computer systems, server capacity, and type of local area network available. 

The LAN version of TRAC is also compatible with most Wide Area Network (WAN) systems, as well as with many wireless networks designed for classroom use.

Student Station and LAN Requirements: 

    Windows-based PC stations running Windows 95,
       98, NT, or 2000
    Memory:  64 k minimum; 128 k recommended
    VGA  or SVGA color monitor
    CD-ROM drive
    Mouse or pointing device

    A LAN server running Windows NT or 2000, or a 
    UNIX-based server.