LAN Version of TRAC Structures for Learning System...

Point-and-Click Operations are central to the operation of TRAC Structures for Learning software and network management functions, using user-friendly, intuitive screens and clearly labeled functions. 

Teachers can easily select and review their students' scores and progress through the lesson content in each TRAC lesson using formatted screens, and print out class summaries or individual student reports.  These functions can be accessed from any student station, and are password protected.  In addition, a new Compress Data function reduces the scores in a lesson to a single summary for the lesson when the teacher is finished reviewing and printing student performance reports.

Connect to a network server with simple point-and-click operations using the Select Server pop-up form.  Make back-ups of data, and of the Server files with similar point-and-click operations.

Wide Area network systems are becoming a factor in some school districts.  High network data rates make it possible for a smaller number of servers to adequately handle a larger number of sites.  In addition, wireless network systems are being selected by some schools to avoid the expense of installing network cables and to provide flexibility in moving student stations within a computer lab or within a school building.  While several factors must be considered in planning wireless networks, such as locations of wireless points of access to the server, and radio frequency transmission within buildings of different construction, the TRAC network system supports wireless networks and has been tested with the most popular systems.
The TRAC network systems has built-in safeguards to protect against data loss in the event of network problems, such as can occur with unexpected server shut-downs in some systems.  TRAC includes a Net Verify function that monitors and verifies the status of the network server prior to each data write transaction from a student station; in the event that the server is no longer available, the TRAC network system saves the student data at the station until the next log-on with server availability, at which time the server files are updated.     
If your school is interested in tne network version of TRAC Structures for Learning and would like more information, please contact new Intelligence at the telephone number or e-mail address below. 

Different network configurations, and different student station configurations, can place different demands on a Local Area Network system.  The LAN version of TRAC Structures for Learning allows the user to select options to maximize network performance where student stations have limited resources, or where student station hard drive capacity makes it reasonable to distribute content to minimize download intervals to student stations.  TRAC manages these functions automatically; the teacher or computer lab supervisor simply selects the desired option from the File Management pop-up form.



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