Dallas, Texas
For Immediate Release

New Intelligence Inc. Announces

Home-School Connection

For TRAC Structures for Learning

Dallas, Texas -- February 23, 2000  New Intelligence Inc., a Texas-based developer of educational software, today announced Home-School Connection, an extension of the company's TRAC Structures for Learning (TRAC SL) software system for students' use in the home, in connection with the company's similar classroom-based system. 

The Home-School Connection is a license extension available to schools with a existing lab or building license to TRAC SL and one or more of the instructional content modules. Under the Home-School Connection license, a special version of TRAC SL will be available to the participating schools on CD-ROM's; the Home-School Connection license will allow the school to provide the special version of TRAC SL and contents to students for use on computer systems in their homes.

According to a spokesperson for New Intelligence Inc., "This license extension will allow the instructional content in these reading programs to be installed on home computers, to encourage participating students to spend time on the exercises away from the classroom. Students can explore the content with parents and with brothers and sisters, as well as friends. The Home-School Connection encourages parental participation in and awareness of the student's activities. In addition, teachers can encourage home exercises for participating students as a part of assignments."

The Home-School Connection versions include the same content, but are built around a more concise data collection and scoring system, according to the company.  A Home-School Connection license extension will provide a set of CD-ROM's to a participating school which can be checked out to students for installation on home PC's.  In addition, if a student has access to a home Internet connection, a resource on the New Intelligence web site provides Internet addresses of related information resources for extra exploration by the student. 

TRAC Structures for Learning (TRAC SL) system, when used with instructional content modules from New Intelligence Inc., can best be described as a unique kind of interactive textbook, according to Dr. Arthur Whimbey, noted author, education researcher, and authority on teaching critical thinking skills. Dr. Whimbey is one of the authors of several of the content modules being published by New Intelligence Inc. for use with the TRAC Structures for Learning system.

New Intelligence learning modules include
The African-American Experience: Stories of Courage and Determination; Outstanding African-Americans: A Text Reconstruction Program for Improving Reading, Writing, and Reasoning Skills, and the Similar Outstanding Hispanic-Americans learning module, as well as the just-announced Interactive History of the United States: The Story of Our Nation. The TRAC SL system capitalizes on the power of the computer and the New Intelligence content modules to make the student an active learner, with active immersion in standard written English, and continuing feedback on the accuracy of the student's comprehension. In contrast to traditional textbooks, student interaction is central to the student activities; students must actively and continuously respond in a unique approach the called Managed Engagement that engages the student in the content, and manages each student's progression through the content. Managed Engagement makes it impossible for the student to skim over, skip, or casually browse the material. This helps students focus their attention on the material and contributes to mastery and retention.

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