Dr. Arthur Whimbey

Dr. Arthur Whimbey, one of the authors of Outstanding African-Americans: A Text Reconstruction Program for Improving Writing, Reading, and Reasoning Skills, is author of the well-known workbook Problem Solving and Comprehension. He is also author of Intelligence Can Be Taught, an extensive study on improving thinking skills.Whimbey1.jpg (59661 bytes)

Dr. Whimbey says "Text reconstruction as used in the Outstanding African-Americans: A Text Reconstruction Program for Improving Writing, Reading, and Reasoning Skills software is based on the rationale underlying the workbook Problem Solving and Comprehension, which has been used for 15 years in the highly successful premedical program at Xavier University in New Orleans.

"Text reconsruction originated in the same view of how analytical thinkers process information effectively, and the same view of how analytical reading and reasoning can be improved through education. In fact, it is the view that emerged from the studies on improving thinking that I summarized in Intelligence Can Be Taught.

"Problem Solving and Comprehension presents students with problems that require analytical reading and reasoning, and then gives them quick feedback on their success in solving the problems. Text reconstruction does the same thing — and is uniquely suited for software-based implementation as in Outstanding African-Americans. Arranging the sentences in order is a problem that requires analytical reading and reasoning. The computer gives students quick feedback on the accuracy of their solution to each problem. Gradually reading and reasoning skills improve.

"Additionally, the immersion in standard written English provided by text reconstruction — especially when students copy the biographies into their notebooks — strengthens all aspects of writing skill, ranging from spelling and grammar to coherence and organization."

Dr. Arthur Whimbey

Dr. Arthur Whimbey is a major player in the critical thinking skills movement. His research and writing on methods of improving cognitive and academic skills are well known. In addition to his widely heralded books, such as Intelligence Can Be Taught; Analytical Reading and Reasoning; Analyze, Organize, Write; and Problem Solving and Comprehension, his articles have appeared in many professional journals. Dr. Whimbey’s research has been successfully applied in schools and colleges in many parts of America, and has twice been reviewed in The New York Times. Dr. Whimbey can be contacted at the Institute for TRAC Research. Dr. Whimbey is on the staff of The New School for the Learning Sciences (for more information see www.nsls.com ).

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