TRAC Diversity Insights

Appropriate and accurate information, appropriately presented, can be effective in combating bias and promoting understanding and respect. TRAC Diversity Insights is a software-based system designed for use with individuals within an organization to provide a respectful, positive, and appropriate learning experience to establish a foundation for managing diversity and building an inclusive workplace.

Based on content by noted authors Dr. Arthur Whimbey, Dr. Myra Linden, and Dr. Eugene Williams, TRAC Diversity Insights is a unique educational software program designed to reduce prejudice and promote understanding and respect among employees of different races and cultures. TRAC Diversity Insights presents a series of interactive sessions focusing on significant contributions to human progress that notable African-American and Hispanic-American men and women have made throughout the history of America. These sessions are designed to help participants better understand the need for continued vigilance to ensure that prejudice in educational and economic opportunities can no longer exist in the workplaces of America.

Designed for Windows-based personal computer systems in both stand-alone and networked environments, TRAC Diversity Insights is based on the TRAC Structures for Learning system from New Intelligence Inc.

This carefully-designed system is based on current effective educational strategies that maximize each participant's engagement, understanding, and retention of the information presented through managed interaction that is private, self-paced, and non-threatening, and that emphasizes positive reinforcement. Keyboarding skills are not required; participants interact with the software through simple, intuitive point-and-click operations.

A wide variety of options are available for implementing TRAC Diversity Insights within organizations, and for distribution within specific small groups, departments or divisions, as well as company-wide distribution through LAN or WAN networks.

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