Dr. Eugene Williams

Ew1.jpg (30696 bytes)Dr. Eugene Williams, one of the authors of Outstanding African-Americans: A Text Reconstruction Program for Improving Writing, Reading, and Reasoning Skills, says:

"Text Reconstruction is a powerful method for improving writing, reasoning, and reading skills.  Working through these exercises strengthens a student's ability to write papers with fewer spelling and grammar errors, and with better logical organization.

In addition, I believe it would be useful for all students to read these biographies and learn about the history of racial discrimination in America -- the discrimination that Satchel Paige and Marian Anderson encountered, that Thurgood Marshall, Dr. King, and Jesse Jackson fought -- in order to better understand the need for continued vigilance to ensure that prejudice in educational and economic opportunities can no longer exist.

It would also be useful for all students to read these biographies to learn about the work of black Americans such as Charles Drew and Garrett Morgan, so that they would see the contributions to human progress that African-Americans can make if given a fair chance."

Dr. Eugene Williams Sr., Director
Potential National Merit Scholars Program
Washington, D.C.

Dr. Eugene Williams, Sr. is a well-known public school and college teacher, researcher, and administrator. While serving as Director of Test Improvement in the Washington, D.C. Public Schools, Dr. Williams implemented a highly effective test improvement program, which has dramatically increased National Merit and Achievement finalists in the D.C. Schools. Dr. Williams is the author of Grounded in the Word: A Guide to Mastering Standardized Test Vocabulary and Biblical Comprehension, and a co-author of Keys to Quick Writing Skills, with Dr. Whimbey and Dr. Linden.  Dr. Williams is currently an independent educational consultant with school systems and with companies such as The Washington Times.  Dr. Williams is Director of the Potential National Merit Scholars Program, and cofounder of The Washington Math Science Technology Public Charter High School.